Retaining Walls

Hardscapes are our specialty.  We love building retaining walls from natural stone and decorative concrete block.  There are so many new styles of material available that make it fun and easy to build and design a unique and beautiful wall that not only serves the function, but also looks great.  We are all tired of seeing the same old walls that lean, separate, or even just fall down.  Luke and Gabe are NCMA Certified in building retaining walls as well as most of the installation crew.

We build Boulder Walls, Limestone Walls and other Natural Stone materials, Concrete Block Walls (Anchor, Rosetta, and/or Versa Lok to name a few), Tie Walls, Pre-Cast Stone Walls…  We have the equipment to get it done and do it right.  Feel free to visit for additional resources about how we build retaining walls that last for a longtime.

See our gallery of Retaining Wall photo’s for some ideas about design and call for a Free Consultation about your project.

Anchor Highland Wall with steps Boulder Wall 8'' Limestone Wall