Composite and Cedar Decks

Composite Decking is a very clean and very low maintenance decking that will last for years and require very little time and energy to live with. We know the special construction requirements of composite materials and build beautiful long lasting decks with it. Custom Benches, Planters, Steps, Landings, Pergolas and Handrails make it fun to accent your deck to make it stand out as a work of craftsmanship vs. the splintery old deck that you are embarrassed to have company on. Composite Decking is growing by about 15%-20% nationally. About 80%-90% of the decks that we build for our customers are composite.

Cedar Decks are a fantastic choice also and in many cases are a better choice for the homeowner. Cedar looks great after installation and when maintained properly will look good for a long time.

Pergola’s and Gazebo’s – Because of the custom nature of Pergola’s and Gazebo’s most are built with Cedar. However there are some fiberglass pergola’s available that allow for low maintenance. Using pergola’s for protection against the elements will extend your outdoor time significantly. In the heat of the summer you can actually sit outside comfortably.