Ultimate Backyard Challenge Lite 2011

Watkins Concrete Block introduced the Ultimate Backyard Challenge “Lite” last year as a way to showcase backyard projects that everyday people/households can enjoy.  Yard size’s differ across town and there are some beautiful projects in smaller yards that deserve attention and recognition.  Clear Creek entered this project into the “Lite” category.  It fits exactly because of the intimate setting in this yard and creative use of the space to maximize its full potential.  Our designers met with the homeowners to find out what they wanted and how they were going to use their space.  The design team came up with a plan that excited the homeowners.  The “Dream” was to have fire, water, shade, and a cooking area all built into an intimate space for 2 to 20+ people.  We were able to comfortably fit a fireplace, 3 waterfalls, built-in seating areas, pergola, outdoor cooking area and even a bench that doubles as a storage space onto the patio.

The patio is built with Belgard Pavers (Urbana) and Belgard Freestanding Walls (Weston).  We custom built the “Water Walls” into the freestanding wall and fireplace as well as custom built the grill island that houses the Bull Outdoor Charcoal Grill.  We cleared out the existing beds and prepped the beds for new plantings in the upcoming spring.  The waterfall was built with natural stone and specifically placed to create a serene atmosphere.  From the patio, kitchen, master bedroom, and living room you can hear and see the waterfall.

Voting for the “People’s Choice” will take place on the Watkins Concrete Block website and starts in early Spring 2012.  Please visit the site to place your vote(s).

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